About The ROS Foundation


The Ros Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves the philanthropic and social initiatives of the Navarro de Ros Group. Through its strategic sponsorship of organizations that focus on social enterprise, community development, and spiritual healing, the Foundation seeks to empower Filipino communities in both the Philippines and America.

With a family that traces its lineage to the De Mingo family in Spain, the Meliton and Ros families in the Philippines, and the Navarro family in the United States: the Ros Foundation is a product of a long and colorful history that weaves three continents and several hundred years. It is a journey that has witnessed many struggles and many triumphs, that over time, have crystallized into values that serve as a guiding light for the foundation.

Much of this inspiration comes from Dr. George Ros. A general surgeon by trade, Grandpa Ros was a personable, charming, intelligent, and generous character who used his resources to serve the greater community for over 50 years.

Inspired by his life, Roland Navarro de Ros established the Foundation in 2009. With the help of close friends and the current generation of the Ros Family, the Foundation seeks to carry out its mission to serve the Filipino people.


To be a key partner in fostering a self-sustaining, empowered, and united global community of Filipinos.


Our vision is to be a leading organization that harnesses the strengths and resources of local people in America and in the Philippines. Our goal is to be a premier engine for fundraising and awareness for key initiatives in: social enterprise, community development, and spiritual healing.


Roland Navarro de Ros
Co-chair and Trustee
Ferdinand Manansala
Senior Advisor to the Trustees
Cheryl Ros Manansala
Associate Trustee
Michael Diaz
Advisory Board
Andrew Ros
Advisory Board
Christian Navarro
Advisory Board
Clare Ros
Advisory Board
Daniel Diaz
Advisory Board
Hana Ros
Advisory Board